“Me Time” Kit.


Product Description

This is the perfect gift to send to a friend who needs a little pick me up.

In a cute little 6 X 5 inch canvas case you or a friend will receive everything you need for a little “me time”. Also a great gift for teachers, nurses, nannies and moms.

Each zippered case includes:

1 Mini notebook and pen.

1 Pack of PUR gum and 1 bag of PUR mints.

1 Truffle piggy chocolate.

1 Pack of Trader Joe’s hot chocolate and Starbucks instant coffee and herbal teabag.

2 refreshing sanitizing wipes.

1 handmade beeswax Nourish tealight candle.

1 Handmade Peppermint Beeswax Nourish lip balm.

1 Nourish Affirmation Card.